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What is a Composite Filling?

Although filling is one of the commonly performed dental procedures, it may cause patients to experience cosmetic concerns about the results to be achieved. These fears are often caused by their experience with older forms of dental filler, such as silver amalgam. Composite resin, also called white filling, is considered a new restoration alternative that benefits by imitating the natural appearance of teeth. They are an effective method to restore the full function of teeth to patients, as well as have no noticeable effect on the overall appearance.

The types of fillings may vary depending on the material used to fill the damaged tooth. Metal amalgam fillings and composite fillings obtained by a combination of silver and metal alloys are two common types of dental fillings. Composite fillings are obtained from a mixture of hard, plastic materials that owe their resemblance to natural teeth to their easy coloring. Composite filler is an increasingly frequently used alternative to silver amalgam due to its natural appearance and more affordable price.

Composite filling treatment can be used to repair tooth structure that deteriorates due to caries, fractures, cracks or similar conditions. The dental procedure performed by using composite fillers to fill gaps in the teeth, change the shape of the teeth, optimally treat December and fractures in the teeth is called “bonding”. Composite bonding treatment provides a natural appearance thanks to the use of materials suitable for the patient's existing tooth color and structure.

kompozit dolgu

How is Composite Filling Made?

The patient to whom composite filling treatment will be applied is subjected to a detailed oral and dental examination. Tooth losses and the shape of the tooth are evaluated. It is determined whether composite filling treatment is the right method for the problem to be treated. In cases where there is a caries on the tooth to be filled with composite, the caries should be cleaned first. Although composite filling is usually a dental procedure performed under local anesthesia, anesthesia may not be required for superficial applications. After some cleaning and retouching procedures are performed, the tooth is prepared for composite treatment. After these procedures, the composite filler is placed and the procedure is completed. During treatment, it is important to place the filler to match the natural structure of the teeth in order to ensure the functionality of the filler and the comfort of the patient.

Composite filling comes to the fore as an extremely effective dental procedure at the point of eliminating aesthetic concerns. Since the procedure time is short, composite filling treatment can be applied to multiple teeth within one day. One of the most important differences between composite Decals and amalgam fillings is that composite decals can be applied to both front and back teeth. During the application, it can be worked with filling materials suitable for the person's natural tooth color. In this way, a natural and aesthetic appearance can be achieved.

The composite filling combines seamlessly with the treated tooth thanks to its chemical structure. Although there is a risk of caries development in the areas where amalgam fillings join, this is not the case with composite fillings. Composite fillings support dental fillings by connecting to the tooth in the best way. Besides all these, it can prevent tooth breakage and temperature sensitivity transmission.

In Which Cases is Composite Filling Applied?

Composite filling is a dental procedure that can be applied to people who need filling treatment. Composite filling treatment can be applied in order to eliminate deformations that occur due to various causes in the tooth structure. In addition, composite filling treatment can also be used within the scope of the smile design procedure for people who want to have a more aesthetic dental appearance.

Some of the conditions that require composite filling treatment are listed below:

  • Having caries in the teeth
  • The presence of fractures or cracks in the front teeth
  • Color loss occurs in the teeth
  • There are gaps between the Decals
  • The fact that the teeth look shorter than is considered normal

In addition, composite filling treatment can also be applied in cases where it is desired to make changes to the current tooth appearance or as a more aesthetic alternative to other types of fillings.

How Long is the Life of the Composite Filling?

The life of the composite filling may vary depending on the patient depending on various factors. Factors such as the quality of the filling, how much filling is done, how much attention is paid to the oral and dental care routine, whether regular check-ups are made to the dentist have a direct impact on the life of the composite filling.

If good care is applied and due attention is paid to oral hygiene, the life of the composite filling is on average 10 to 15 years. The life of the composite filling may be shortened depending on teeth grinding, teeth clenching, nail biting or different problems.

What are the Advantages of Composite Filling?

Composite fillings are among the popular dentistry procedures due to their role in the process of repairing damage caused by dental caries and Decays. Composite filling is often preferred for filling cavities in both front and back teeth due to its similarity to the natural color of the tooth. Also, it does not contain mercury.

During the composite filling treatment, much fewer teeth are removed than amalgam fillings. Obtaining an extremely strong tooth after it is glued to the natural tooth once is one of the most important advantages of composite filling treatment. Hardening of composite fillings placed layer by layer on the tooth with special light reduces the time required for the hardening of the binding agent. The filling, which is usually completely cured, hardens in less than a minute.

Since the composite filling is compatible with the tooth color, it provides an extremely aesthetic appearance. Since the expansion and contraction coefficients are also extremely close to the natural tooth, composite fillings are advantageous in preventing the formation of secondary caries. Patients can eat and drink after composite filling treatment without the need for waiting time.

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What are the Disadvantages of Composite Filling?

Composite filling does not cause any damage to the teeth and gums both during the treatment process and after. After composite filling treatment, a temporary sensitivity to heat and cold may occur in the teeth. This condition disappears when the tooth gets used to the filling.

After composite filling treatment, color changes may occur due to excessive consumption of tea, coffee, cola, red wine, cigarettes and other foods and beverages that cause staining and discoloration of the teeth. Routine oral and dental care and dental examination should not be disrupted in order for the results provided by the treatment to be permanent.

Things to Be Considered After Composite Filling

If the composite filling treatment was performed by applying local anesthesia to the patient, anything should not be eaten or drunk before the full effect of the anesthesia has passed. It is possible to develop sensitivity to heat or cold in the teeth after composite filling. When the tooth gets used to the filling, this sensitivity disappears on its own. In the same way, there may be pain during chewing after composite filling treatment. With the healing of the tooth, the pain decreases, and after a certain period of time, the pain disappears completely. It is very important to fully comply with the dentist's recommendations for post-treatment in order to ensure patient comfort in the post-treatment process.

It is very important that oral and dental care is performed completely after composite filling treatment, and routine dentist visits are not disrupted. In this way, it may be possible to protect both general oral and dental health and to extend the service life of composite fillings. If the patient does not pay due attention to oral hygiene, there is a risk of recurrent caries developing under the composite filling over time and the filling failing.

Last Updated: May 7th, 2024
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