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Prepless Lamina Istanbul Turkey

prepless lamina
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Prepless Lamina Istanbul Turkey

What is Prepless Lamina?

One of the most important elements of a healthy and attractive smile is having beautiful and healthy teeth. However, over time, cavities, excessive discoloration and tooth form defects that appear on the front teeth can interfere with the beauty of this smile. In the past, porcelain veneers were the only way to fix such aesthetic problems. However, since porcelain veneers were applied by cutting away healthy tooth tissue, there was a risk of new problems.

Nowadays, thanks to advanced lamina techniques, porcelain sheets with little or no material loss are used, thus providing the opportunity to have eye-catching teeth and smiles.

In laminated dental applications, a thinning technique is used by preserving the intact tooth tissue and a veneer is applied. This technique stands out as one of the least invasive methods. In prepless laminate treatment, only chemical roughening and bonding techniques are used without any mechanical intervention on the tooth surfaces. This method protects the patient's natural teeth and offers a perfect aesthetic.

Specially prepared porcelain sheets are applied without any damage to the tooth. In this way, an aesthetic appearance is achieved with minimal intervention to the tooth tissue. This method offers an ideal solution for those who desire to have a whiter smile, those who cannot achieve the targeted benefit from teeth whitening procedures, those who have tooth fractures or abrasion problems, those with aesthetic concerns or those who suffer from problems after root canal treatment. However, conditions such as nail biting habits or jaw disorders may pose an obstacle to the application of laminated teeth. In such cases, these problems should be treated first and then laminated teeth should be applied.

Lamina is a highly aesthetic method especially preferred by people who are not satisfied with the shape or color of their teeth. In the traditional laminated dental veneer procedure, the front surface of the tooth is abraded between 0.3 and 0.7 mm. However, in the prepless lamina procedure, also known as the no-abrasion laminate method, no abrasion is performed on the teeth. This method offers a more minimally invasive approach and is considered an ideal option to meet aesthetic expectations.

How is Prepless Lamina Treatment Performed?

Prepless lamina treatment begins with a detailed examination of the patient's oral condition. During this examination, the patient's special needs and expectations are taken into account. Thus, the treatment process is planned specifically for the patient. Then, it is determined which teeth the lamina treatment will be applied to and oral impressions are taken.

Measurements are made on the models obtained and the photographs taken, and proofing material is used to obtain pre-approval from the patient. The most distinctive feature of the Prepless lamina method is that it is a procedure that does not require abrasion of the teeth. Therefore, there is no damage to the teeth and the laminae prepared in a computerized environment using ceramic blocks are strongly bonded to the teeth with a chemical bond.

Since Prepless Lamina treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, there is no risk to dental health and the results obtained are satisfactory. The natural structure of the teeth can be preserved as no procedure is performed on the teeth of the patients within the scope of Prepless lamina treatment. It is a dental procedure that can be completed much easier and faster than traditional lamina treatment. Since the natural color and shape of the teeth are taken into consideration in prepless lamina treatment, an aesthetically satisfying and natural appearance can be achieved.

Since prepless lamina treatment is produced using highly durable materials, it can be used safely and comfortably for many years. Since no abrasion is applied to the teeth within the scope of prepless lamina treatment, minimal sensitivity may occur in the teeth. As a result of prepless lamina treatment, which is a very wide range of dental procedures, teeth can have a whiter and brighter appearance. For all these reasons, the prepless lamina method is considered a safe and effective option preferred by more and more patients every day.

What are the Advantages of Prepless Lamina?

Prepless lamina, which is frequently applied to solve problems such as gaps, fractures or discoloration in the teeth in a fast and aesthetic way, is a highly effective method. This treatment is usually completed within an average of one week and is applied without causing any loss of material in the teeth. This means that there is no need for abrasion. Prepless lamina treatment, which is applied individually to each tooth, uses a material that has similar durability to natural tooth enamel. This material is not only highly resistant to breakage or abrasion, but also has the advantage of not changing color over time.

Since no intervention is made on the inner surfaces of the teeth during the prepless lamina treatment, there is no problem such as decreased comfort of the patients, and there is no feeling of foreignness on the tongue. In addition, thanks to the high light transmittance of the material, a natural tooth appearance is achieved. This method is considered to be an ideal solution for patients who want their teeth to have a more aesthetic appearance but do not want abrasion.

Another advantage of prepless lamina treatment is that it is a method that can be removed when desired and allows the preservation of natural teeth. Because, no abrasion is applied to the teeth during prepless lamina treatment. This feature gives patients the freedom to use their own teeth after treatment.

prepless lamina

How Many Days Does Prepless Lamina Treatment Take?

The decision on whether the patient is suitable for prepless lamina treatment is made by the dentist on a patient-specific basis by making the necessary evaluations. If the patient is deemed suitable for prepless lamina treatment, measurements are taken and the measurements taken are transferred to the laboratory environment. The design process is realized in a computer-aided environment. Prepless veneers are prepared in an average of 7 to 10 days. Their suitability on the teeth is evaluated and corrections are made if necessary.

After the dentist completes the evaluation process and the patient's approval is obtained, it is bonded to the teeth using special bonding techniques. Prepless lamina treatment is completed in an average of 7 to 10 days. This period may vary depending on the evaluation of the dentist, the patient's wishes, the need for different dentistry procedures and many other factors.

Prepless lamina treatment requires the patient to have completed tooth and jaw development. If the patient's development process is still incomplete, this process should be waited for and then the prepless lamina treatment should be started. Prepless lamina treatment is not recommended for people with teeth clenching or grinding problems. Because, even though the laminated dental veneer is made of a durable porcelain material, it can be damaged when excessive force is applied. Therefore, it may be preferable to apply different aesthetic dental coating methods for people with such habits.

Thanks to advances in technology, prepless lamina has become an increasingly common dental procedure. This method is extremely popular with patients because it offers a natural look and does not require any abrasion to the teeth. However, it is important that the patient's tooth structure is suitable for this treatment. People with spaced tooth structure can usually achieve successful results with the prepless lamina method.

After Prepless Veneer Treatment

Prepless lamina treatment does not require any abrasion on the teeth, so patients are unlikely to feel sensitivity after treatment. However, it is extremely important to brush and floss regularly after treatment. In this process, it is recommended to prefer toothpastes that do not have an abrasive effect and contain fluorine. In addition, visits to the dentist should be continued every six months to maintain oral and dental health and to maintain the results of the prepless lamina treatment for a long time.

After Prepless Lamina treatment, patients do not feel any discomfort during eating. Also, problems such as discoloration or staining are not encountered. On the other hand, it is important to avoid the consumption of hard-shelled foods that can cause damage to the prepless laminate teeth.

Who is Prepless Lamina Suitable for?

Prepless lamina treatment offers an aesthetic and functional solution for people who find the natural form of their teeth small or have gaps between their teeth. In addition, prepless lamina treatment can also be preferred to correct excessive discoloration that cannot be removed by teeth whitening procedures or if the teeth are shaped differently than normal. This treatment can also be an effective solution if the enamel is extremely rough or if there are cavities on the enamel surface. As part of the smile design, it is possible to give an aesthetic touch to a person's smile by applying prepless lamina treatment.

Prepless Lamina Prices

Prepless lamina prices may vary depending on a number of factors. These factors include the price policy of the clinic where the treatment will be applied, the experience and expertise of the dentist, the number of teeth to be treated, whether a different treatment is required and the quality of the materials used. Therefore, pricing should be made after the treatment process planned specifically for each patient. In this way, a fair pricing can be ensured, taking into account the patient's specific needs and treatment plan.

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7-10 days
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2-3 hours
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1 year
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