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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Istanbul Turkey

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What is a Wisdom Tooth?

The last adult teeth to erupt are called wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are molars located at the back of the jaw. When wisdom teeth do not adapt to the jaw structure, they can cause pain, abscess formation and discomfort. In such cases, the need for wisdom tooth extraction or dental surgery arises. The main factor causing this problem is that there is not enough space in the jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt.

A wisdom tooth can cause not only severe pain, but also disruption of the jaw structure and negative effects on the health of other neighboring teeth. For this reason, it is recommended that the dentist check the wisdom teeth when they start to erupt. In people with a suitable jaw structure, wisdom teeth may not need to be extracted, but in some cases, wisdom teeth may erupt at an incorrect angle and remain embedded in the gum because the jaw structure of the person is not suitable. In such cases, the wisdom tooth may not be visible from the outside. These teeth, defined as impacted wisdom teeth, are often recognized by the pain they cause.

It is possible to prevent wisdom teeth from negatively affecting the jaw and tooth structure and preventing unwanted problems such as abscesses by undergoing regular dental examinations. In case of regular dental examinations, it is possible to follow the process of the wisdom teeth starting to erupt and develop. In case of any negativity, the teeth can be extracted without damaging oral and dental health.

How is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Performed?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a dental procedure that is planned and performed depending on how far the tooth is from the gum. For wisdom tooth extraction, local anesthesia is first applied to the area. After the tooth is loosened, it is extracted with pliers. After cleaning the area where the tooth was extracted, bleeding is stopped. In some cases, a small incision must be made in the gum and the tooth must be cut into small pieces before it is removed.

Since there is not enough space in the jaw, wisdom teeth can erupt at an angle, get stuck, partially erupt or remain impacted. When the wisdom tooth is completely impacted, i.e. under the gum, it must be removed surgically. In this context, the patient may be sedated to numb the pain. The gum is cut and the wisdom tooth can be removed.

In Which Cases Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Although it is not mandatory to extract wisdom teeth that erupt as third molars as a result of eruption in the mouth, they may need to be extracted in some cases. The situations that require the extraction of wisdom teeth can be listed as follows:

  • As the teeth erupt, decay may occur if bacteria and food residues accumulate in the tooth socket. Infection and abscess formation may occur in the decayed teeth and neighboring teeth. This can cause severe pain.
  • In partially erupted teeth, the infection in that area can spread to the soft tissue and form a gingival abscess. As a result, pain, swelling and bad breath may occur. In some cases, the patient's mouth may not be able to fully open and close. If this condition, called trismus, is not treated urgently, there is a risk of the infection spreading through the lymph to the cheek and neck.
  • When wisdom teeth erupt, neighboring teeth may face pressure. The pressure can cause pain and wear on the neighboring teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment is needed to treat crowding and malocclusion, especially in young people. As the pressure generated during the eruption of wisdom teeth also exerts force on the neighboring teeth, pushing of the teeth can occur. As a result, crowding of the teeth can be seen.
  • The condition of the wisdom teeth of patients who will undergo prosthetic treatment should be evaluated. Wisdom teeth can rarely be used prosthetically.
  • When wisdom teeth erupt and the surrounding follicle does not resorb, cyst formation may occur. Due to the growth of these formations, erosion of the jawbone may occur. Large gaps may form in the bone and the jawbone may weaken. Fractures can be seen in jaw bones that weaken over time.

How Many Wisdom Teeth Are There?

There are 4 wisdom teeth in total. The wisdom teeth are located at the back of the upper and lower jaw. Wisdom teeth, which usually erupt around the age of 20, may not erupt in a healthy way for most people. They may be impacted or semi-implanted, they may compress the gums in the mouth because they cannot find enough space in the jaw, they may damage other teeth and cause pain.

In people whose jaw structure is appropriate and wisdom teeth find enough space to erupt, the eruption of these teeth does not cause any problems. On the other hand, wisdom teeth that are too far back and hard to reach may not be cleaned even if the necessary sensitivity is shown in oral and dental care. Depending on such reasons, wisdom teeth should be extracted in some cases or surgically removed if they are impacted.

Where Does The Wisdom Tooth Grow?

The wisdom tooth erupts in the right and left most backward regions of the lower and upper jaw. There may be cases where wisdom teeth do not need to be extracted. In some people, wisdom teeth erupt without causing any pain and play a role in chewing. In such cases, wisdom teeth do not need to be extracted.

However, wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary if there is a product or gum infection, if the wisdom tooth presses on the tooth in front, or if it causes an infection in the affected area.

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Things to Consider After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Pain and swelling may be observed for a few days after wisdom tooth extraction, and bruising may also occur. Bleeding is also possible during this period. The pain usually subsides within a week after the operation.

Teeth should be brushed gently for the first 24 hours, and care should be taken not to brush the extraction site and neighboring areas directly. In addition, the mouth should not be rinsed or gargled for the period specified by the dentist.

In the first days following wisdom tooth extraction, care should be taken to consume soft and juicy foods. Soups, purees and fruit juices can be included in the nutrition program during this period when hard and hard-to-chew foods should be avoided. In addition, the food and drinks consumed should be warm. It is recommended to stop smoking and drinking alcohol due to the risk of slowing down the healing process. Otherwise, unwanted complications may develop.

Antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by the dentist should be used regularly. Cold compresses may be useful to relieve pain and swelling in the application area. Care should be taken to keep the head slightly higher than the torso when lying down to prevent increased facial swelling.

Proper oral hygiene should be maintained to prevent the development of a possible infection. Drink plenty of water to remove food and bacteria from the teeth and gums.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Prices

Wisdom tooth extraction prices may vary depending on how the extraction procedure is performed. The prices of wisdom tooth extraction may be different if the tooth is easily removed directly in one piece, if it is embedded, if it is removed in pieces or if a surgical procedure is required. In addition, the type of anesthesia applied, the expertise of the dentist and the price policy of the clinic where the tooth extraction is performed are factors that are evaluated when determining the prices of wisdom tooth extraction.

Last Updated: May 7th, 2024
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