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Zirconium Crown

zirkonyum dis kaplama
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What is Zirconium Dental Crown?

Over time, various factors such as tooth decay, tooth fractures, and the loss of durability and whiteness of teeth can compromise the health of the oral and dental structure. Aesthetic dentistry procedures come into play at this stage to help restore the teeth to their former appearance and health.

Before the advancements in aesthetic dentistry procedures, the only way to repair various damages or deficiencies in teeth was through dental prostheses. However, dental prosthetics could be considered a costly and exhausting treatment process. Dental veneer treatment, an effective and comfortable alternative offered by aesthetic dentistry, provides a much easier, faster, practical, and economical way to achieve healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

In the context of dental veneer treatment, it is possible to cover the surface of teeth that have experienced excessive substance loss due to various reasons and have deviated from their aesthetic appearance with materials resembling the shape of teeth. One of the most commonly used materials in dental veneer procedures is zirconium. Zirconium, as a strong and aesthetically supportive material, enhances the success of dental veneer treatments for teeth that have been damaged or deviated from their aesthetic appearance. The process of covering teeth with zirconium is referred to as zirconium dental veneer.

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How is Zirconium Veneer Done?

The decision to apply zirconium dental veneer treatment is made based on evaluations conducted for each individual patient. For zirconium dental veneer treatment to provide satisfactory results both in terms of health and aesthetics, the patient should not have any issues with their gum health. If a gum problem is identified, a treatment specifically targeting this issue should be applied first, and the healing process should be completed.

After evaluating the results of gum treatment from an aesthetic perspective, the smile line is examined. In cases where the smile line is high, if deemed necessary by the dentist, procedures are performed to adjust the gum levels, achieving a more aesthetic appearance.

Following the necessary adjustments to the teeth, measurements are taken using special measuring materials. Teeth are cut according to these measurements. Subsequently, the three-dimensional structure of the teeth is transferred to a digital environment using special scanners.

Using a system called CAD/CAM, zirconia blocks are prepared, forming the infrastructure for zirconium dental veneers. The zirconia blocks, which transfer the teeth to be prepared to three-dimensional structures, undergo the firing stage. Once the firing stage is completed, porcelain materials in suitable colors are added to the infrastructures, and zirconium crowns are completed. If no issues are identified during infrastructure trials, final adjustments are made. The zirconium veneers, with their polished and smooth surfaces, are then cemented and fixed onto the teeth.

Additionally, it is necessary to cut and reduce the size of the teeth during the zirconium dental veneer treatment. However, this process is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, patients do not feel any pain or discomfort. Furthermore, since no pain or discomfort is felt during the processes of taking measurements and scanning the mouth, it can be stated that zirconium dental veneer treatment is extremely comfortable

Zirconium Dental Veneer Features

  • Zirconium is an extremely durable material used in dental veneer treatments, providing suitable resistance for chewing and other dental functions.
  • Zirconium dental veneers, which transmit light with a translucency similar to natural teeth, offer a natural and harmonious appearance with tooth color from an aesthetic perspective.
  • As zirconium is a biocompatible material, it generally does not cause allergic reactions within the human body.
  • Thin and lightweight zirconium dental veneers mimic the natural structure of the teeth, resulting in natural and successful outcomes.
  • Zirconium dental veneers are resistant to potential color changes over time, making them a preferable option for long-term aesthetic performance due to their stable color.
  • Zirconium dental veneers, produced with high precision through digital tooth design and manufacturing technologies, provide an excellent fit with the teeth.
  • With proper and regular care, zirconium dental veneers offer a safe and comfortable usage experience for many years.
  • The absence of metal in zirconium dental veneers reduces the risk of allergic reactions, providing an aesthetically advantageous solution.

Those Who Choose Zirconium Veneers

In today's world, dental aesthetics play a crucial role not only in terms of health but also in beauty and aesthetics. Zirconium dental veneers offer a unique solution that perfectly meets these needs. Manufactured from a special ceramic material that mimics the natural appearance of teeth, zirconium dental veneers provide individuals with healthy, natural, and aesthetic-looking teeth. Color harmony and translucency features distinguish zirconium veneers from other alternatives.

Zirconium, known for its durability, ensures that individuals who choose zirconium veneers enjoy a safe and durable solution for daily chewing processes and other dental functions. This feature also makes zirconium veneers a long-lasting option.

Zirconium dental veneers offer a satisfying option both aesthetically and health-wise. Those who prefer this innovative solution can benefit from high standards in terms of natural appearance, durability, and biocompatibility.

Zirconium Dental Models and Lifespan

Full zirconium crowns are used to cover the entire teeth and stand out with their high-performance level in meeting aesthetic expectations. They provide a natural appearance during smiles due to a translucency similar to natural teeth. Simultaneously, their durable structure ensures a long lifespan.

Zirconium porcelain dental veneers are excellent solutions that combine aesthetics and durability. The natural appearance of zirconium, combined with the aesthetic features of porcelain, results in homogeneous color and shape on the teeth.

In cases of tooth loss, zirconium bridges can become an aesthetic solution, completing missing teeth by attaching to neighboring teeth and providing a natural appearance.

Zirconium is also frequently used in implant-supported dental prostheses. These models, fixed onto implants, offer a feel and appearance similar to natural teeth. Being biocompatible provides a comfortable usage experience.

The lifespan of zirconium dental veneers generally ranges from 5 to 15 years. However, with the necessary attention to oral and dental health, and regular dental check-ups, this period can be extended up to 20 years.

Age Limit for Zirconium Veneers

There is no specific age limit for the use of zirconium dental veneers. In other words, zirconium dental veneers can be used in individuals of different age groups. However, the decision for treatment suitability is made based on factors such as general health condition, tooth structure, oral hygiene habits, and aesthetic expectations, considering each patient individually. Additionally, since zirconium dental veneer is a fixed dental procedure, it can be applied to individuals who have completed tooth and jaw growth and development. It is not recommended to perform the application until the age of 18 to 20, considering that the development period continues until this age, and gaps may occur due to jaw growth.

zirkonyum dis kaplama

Duration of Zirconium Veneer Treatment

Zirconium dental veneer treatment is usually completed in 2 to 3 sessions. However, this duration can vary based on numerous factors. The current condition of the patient's teeth, specific requirements, expectations, and the scope of the treatment to be applied can affect how long the zirconium veneer treatment will take.

Advantages of Zirconium Veneers

  • Zirconium veneers are comfortable and functional for individuals with metal allergies since they do not contain metal.
  • Zirconium crowns, made from high-quality materials, have a durable and strong structure.
  • They enhance the color and appearance of teeth, contributing to a more aesthetic look.
  • Zirconium veneers can be applied to resolve diastema, the spacing problem between teeth.
  • Due to their perfect color match with the natural tooth, zirconium veneers are indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • Being resistant to color changes over time, zirconium veneers maintain their aesthetic appearance for an extended period.
  • As they are made from a biocompatible material, there is no risk of causing allergic reactions.
  • Zirconium veneer treatment involves minimal intervention in tooth tissues. With minimal abrasion, teeth are preserved, achieving a visually satisfying appearance.

Zirconium Veneer Prices

The prices for zirconium veneers, a dental procedure that provides highly healthy and aesthetic results, cannot be specified with a standard price since they are planned and applied individually. It would be more accurate to obtain a pricing after a dental examination. Various factors such as the number of teeth to be treated with zirconium, the quality of the materials to be used, whether the patient needs different dental or gum treatments, the pricing policy of the clinic where the application will be made, and many other different factors can be listed among the determinative factors affecting zirconium dental veneer prices.

Last Updated: Jun 16th, 2024
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