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Laminate Veneer Istanbul Turkey

What is Laminate Veneer?

Laminate veneer, also known as leaf tooth or laminate, is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in recent years. In the scope of the laminate veneer procedure, the front surface of the teeth in the anterior group, which causes aesthetic dissatisfaction for the patient, is covered with thin porcelain. Laminate veneer treatment uses leaf porcelain to cover the front surface of the teeth, requiring minimal substance removal from the tooth.

The possibility of not removing too much substance from the tooth and the thickness of the plates attached to the tooth ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 mm are possible thanks to the laminate veneer treatment. Laminate veneer treatment can be used to address various issues such as discolored and stained teeth over time, as well as to repair fractured teeth, ultimately achieving smoother and aesthetically improved teeth.

Due to its success in providing natural whiteness to the patient's teeth, laminate veneer treatment is highly popular among women and men of different age groups. Additionally, due to its ability to support aesthetically satisfying results, laminate veneer is an essential element of smile design applications.

In the context of leaf tooth, laminate tooth coating, or laminate veneer treatment, porcelain leaf ceramics are attached to the front surface of the patient's teeth, which is the part of the teeth in contact with the lips and cheeks. Since the porcelain leaf ceramics used in laminate veneer treatment have a very thin structure, it is possible to eliminate the poor appearance on the front surface of the teeth and achieve aesthetically satisfying teeth. Laminate veneer application is an aesthetic dentistry procedure that helps individuals reconcile with their appearance and refresh their self-confidence with teeth that have a natural appearance.

Durable and resistant porcelain material is used in laminate veneer treatment. This ensures that substances that may cause discoloration of teeth, such as smoking, tea, and coffee, do not adversely affect tooth color. Since tooth tissue is removed in minimal amounts, the risk of developing hot-cold sensitivity in the teeth is minimized, and most patients do not experience tooth sensitivity.

Since there is no contact with the chewing surface of the teeth during treatment, the natural structure of the teeth is not disrupted, and natural tooth sensitivity does not disappear. This condition also shortens the time for the patient to get used to laminate tooth coatings. Porcelain is structurally a fragile material, but when bonded to tooth enamel, it gains high resistance to tensile and compressive forces. As a result, laminate veneer tooth coatings can be safely used without the risk of falling.

To achieve successful, natural, and comfortable results from laminate veneer treatment, the model of the teeth is prepared based on the measurements taken. The procedures to be performed are shown to the patient through this model, and approval is obtained.

Who Can Benefit from Laminate Veneer?

Laminate veneer treatment is commonly sought to address problems causing aesthetic concerns and lack of self-confidence, especially in the front teeth. Some of the main situations where laminate veneer treatment is applied include:

  • For various reasons, discoloration and staining may occur in teeth over time. In some cases, despite professional teeth whitening treatments, it may not be possible to eliminate these stains and discolorations. Laminate veneer treatment can be used to address discoloration and staining in the teeth.
  • As an alternative to orthodontic treatment procedures to treat misalignments in teeth, laminate veneer treatment may be preferred.
  • Laminate veneer treatment can provide a functional solution to correct various irregularities in tooth alignment.
  • For eliminating gaps between anterior teeth, known as "Diastema," laminate veneer treatment can be considered.
  • Laminate veneer can be applied to correct unsightly and unhealthy fillings on the front surface of the teeth.
  • To lengthen teeth that are short due to natural reasons or wear over time, laminate veneer treatment can be applied.
  • For restoring wear due to erosion on teeth, laminate veneer can be a functional solution.
  • Teeth with various irregularities in enamel structure can also undergo laminate veneer treatment.
  • Teeth broken due to trauma can be considered for laminate veneer treatment.
  • In cases where non-cutting teeth need to be shaped like canine teeth in order to achieve natural symmetry between incisors and canines, laminate veneer treatment can offer a functional solution.

Laminate Veneer Treatment Exclusions

The suitability for laminate veneer treatment is decided individually for each patient after evaluations. Laminate veneer treatment is not applied to individuals who:

  • Have a lower jaw that is more advanced than the upper jaw,
  • Experience teeth grinding during daily life or sleep,
  • Have excessive misalignments in teeth arrangement,
  • Do not have enough space for the application of porcelain veneers due to decay or fractures caused by impact,
  • Have white lines, gray spots, advanced cavities, or black spots on their teeth,
  • Suffer from conditions causing weakness in enamel structure.
laminate veneer

Disadvantages of Laminate Veneer Treatment

  • Laminate veneer treatment is an irreversible procedure.
  • Laminate veneer application may be more costly compared to composite applications.
  • Laminate teeth cannot be repaired in case of possible cracks or fractures, and their color cannot be lightened through teeth whitening procedures.
  • Teeth weakened due to significant decay or fractures cannot undergo laminate veneer treatment.
  • Laminate veneer does not provide protection against cavities. Additionally, individuals with cavities, tartar, or gum disease must address these issues before undergoing laminate veneer treatment.
  • Teeth clenching and grinding may cause harm to laminate veneers. Therefore, individuals with teeth clenching and grinding issues are not considered suitable candidates for laminate veneer treatment.

Post Laminate Veneer Treatment Care

After laminate veneer treatment, paying attention to certain points ensures the comfortable and safe use of laminate coverings for an extended period. Avoiding the consumption of hard-shelled foods is crucial. Elastic and flexible foods should be sliced instead of bitten and torn.

Individuals with nighttime teeth grinding issues should use a nightguard. Regular brushing of laminate veneers, incorporating dental floss into oral care routines, and not using abrasive toothpaste are important. Routine dental check-ups should not be neglected to ensure that there is no deterioration on the surface of laminate veneer coverings.

How is Laminate Veneer Applied?

During the initial step of laminate veneer treatment, the patient undergoes a detailed examination. This allows for the identification of the patient's needs and assessment of expectations. After determining the suitability of the patient for laminate veneer treatment, an individualized treatment plan is developed.

The front surface of the teeth to be treated with laminate veneer is shaped to prepare for the covering process. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not experience pain or discomfort. Following local anesthesia, a small section on the front of the teeth is prepared using a cutting instrument. This section should be compatible with the leaf coverings. An impression is taken using pressure, and this mold is used when preparing porcelain leaves.

In some cases, temporary laminates or temporary fillings may be applied to increase the patient's comfort. Laminate leaf teeth are applied to the prepared teeth and the laminate veneer treatment is completed.

The duration of completion for laminate veneer treatment can vary for each patient depending on the scope of the procedure. If there is no need for gum treatment or other aesthetic interventions before laminate veneer treatment, the treatment is generally completed within 2 to 3 sessions, equivalent to approximately 1 month. However, this duration can be extended if there are requirements for correcting the patient's teeth and applying different treatments.

Laminate Veneer Prices

Laminate veneer is a dentistry procedure that is planned and applied individually for each patient. Therefore, laminate veneer prices are not standard and can vary depending on the scope of the procedure planned for the patient. The prices for laminate veneers can differ based on the evaluation made for each patient after the specific treatment plan is determined.

Additionally, factors such as the experience of the dentist performing the treatment, the price policy of the clinic where the application will be made, the quality of the materials used in laminate veneer treatment, and whether different tooth and/or gum treatments will be applied to the patient are taken into consideration when determining laminate veneer prices.

Due to the need for special materials in laminate veneer treatment, the complexity of laboratory processes, and the requirement for specialized knowledge and expertise in taking the patient's tooth measurements, preparing laminate veneer coverings, and applying the procedure, the cost of laminate veneer treatment may be slightly higher compared to alternative treatments.

Last Updated: Apr 1st, 2024
Treatment Highlights
Duration of Stay
7-10 days
Number of Visits
Treatment Duration
2-3 hours
Local Anesthesia
Recovery Time
Follow-up Visit
1 year
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