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Emax Dental Istanbul Turkey

What is Emax Dental?

Emax - empress porcelains are among the most aesthetically advanced veneers with their structure made of reinforced porcelain in their infrastructure or completely made of reinforced porcelain as a block. Emax dental veneers, in other words empress dental veneers, are basically based on lithium disilicate glass and have the feature of being a completely ceramic dental coating system consisting of elements such as lithium dioxide, quartz, alumina, potassium oxide.

Today, special ceramics are used to ensure that individuals have realistic and natural-looking smiles. Unlike other dental restoratives, emax tooth is a ceramic material that provides a durable and aesthetic appearance at the same time. Dental restorations made entirely of ceramic do not contain metal. Therefore, the light shines inside the tooth as it does in natural teeth. Generally applied to the front incisors, emax tooth is not preferred for the teeth in the back of the mouth because it does not have sufficient durability.

In addition to being one of the most preferred crowns by dentists, emax teeth are also popular among patients. Long-lasting and durable, emax tooth offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance that resembles natural teeth. Made of lithium disilicate ceramic ingot, known for its durability, emax tooth provides the look and feel of a real tooth.

Strikingly similar to natural teeth, it is one of the most vibrant materials that can be used for a crown, and it is also possible to benefit from its translucency and ability to color to match all shades of teeth. The shine of natural teeth can also be achieved with emax teeth, as they are made entirely of ceramic and contain no metals. Being resistant to chipping, emax teeth are less likely to chip and crack than crowns made of porcelain and zirconium materials.

The lifespan of Emax dental crowns usually varies between 10 and 20 years, but this period may vary depending on how much attention the patient pays to the oral and dental care routine. In order to prolong the lifespan of Emax dental veneers, the patient should pay attention to their oral and dental care routine as well as regular dental check-ups. Therefore, a standardized lifetime of emax dental veneers cannot be mentioned for each patient.

Thanks to Emax dental coating treatment, the patient's teeth can gain a more pleasant and aesthetic appearance. On the other hand, if the patient's teeth are broken, destroyed or discolored due to many different reasons, it may be possible to benefit from emax dental veneers treatment. The success of emax dental veneers treatment, just like other dentistry procedures, depends on the fact that the planning is made in accordance with the needs of the patient and the treatment is applied by an expert and experienced dentist.

What is Empress Tooth?

Made of high quality, fully porcelain material, empress teeth offer aesthetically satisfying results by imitating the appearance of natural teeth. The durability of the porcelain is increased by reinforcing the ceramic piece with glass ceramic without using any metal material. These porcelains are used in empress dental veneers treatment.

Empress dental veneers are one of the most widely used aesthetic dentistry procedures today. Empress dental veneers provide extremely successful results, especially in patients who have problems with their front teeth. It may also be preferable to use empress dental veneers on molars, where less force is applied compared to the front teeth.

emax dis

Why are Emax & Empress Teeth Made?

Emax & empress dental veneers are specially reinforced porcelains that do not contain metal infrastructure. Thanks to Emax & empress dental veneers, it is possible to achieve a perfect aesthetic and gum harmony. The veneers have high herpes permeability and resemble the appearance of natural teeth, so they can be used to meet high aesthetic expectations and in the front areas of the mouth. Emax & empress porcelain dental veneers are generally used in the front areas of the mouth, and zirconium dental veneer treatment may be preferred in the back areas where high resistance and aesthetics are required.

In order to understand the need for Emax empress dental veneers treatment, it is first determined which part of the patient's mouth will be corrected. Patients who have complaints about their front teeth and need correction of their front teeth are generally considered suitable candidates for emax empress dental veneers treatment.

In cases where aesthetic veneer treatment will be applied on a single tooth, emax empress dental veneer treatment may be preferred. However, if the patient also has a lack of teeth, emax empress dental veneer treatment may not be the right option.

How are Emax & Empress Teeth Made?

In patients who are decided to be suitable for Emax empress dental treatment, the teeth are first photographed and impressions of the teeth are taken. In order to prepare the teeth for emax empress dental veneers, an abrasion process must be performed on the teeth. Teeth are adjusted to be suitable for veneers and impressions are taken again. Emax empress dental veneers are prepared in the laboratory according to the measurements taken from the patient and adhered to the teeth with medical adhesive. With the application of these steps, emax empress dental veneer treatment is completed.

What are the Advantages of Emax & Empress Teeth?

  • One of the most important advantages of Emax empress tooth coating treatment is that it can be applied by performing patient-specific color controls and color determination. In this way, results suitable for the natural form can be obtained.
  • Due to its high light transmittance, emax empress dental veneers are frequently preferred.
  • Emax empress dental veneers can be preferred to eliminate deformities not only in the front teeth but also in the back teeth.
  • Emax empress is a dental procedure that helps to eliminate bad breath and discoloration caused by unhealthy teeth.
  • If Emax empress dental veneers treatment is applied successfully, you can have aesthetically satisfying teeth that are compatible with the natural tooth appearance. Thanks to the regular application of routine oral and dental care, emax empress dental veneers can be used comfortably and safely for a long time.
  • Emax empress dental veneers treatment does not cause any damage to the patient's tooth structure. There is no risk of a purplish color on the edge of the treated teeth or on the gums.
  • Emax empress dental veneer treatment reduces the sensitivity of the teeth. It helps the patient to have a smooth and slippery tooth structure.

In Which Situations Should Emax & Empress Teeth Be Applied?

Emax empress tooth coating treatment;

  • Those with wear or various damages on their front teeth,
  • Damage to premolars due to different causes,
  • Advanced discoloration and staining of the teeth,
  • A person whose teeth are broken due to trauma or tooth decay,
  • Discoloration of teeth due to devitalization, fluorosis, tetracycline or age-related discoloration,
  • Discoloration of teeth that occurs after root canal treatment and this discoloration cannot be removed for any reason,
  • Deformations of the protective layer of the tooth (enamel defects) with deficiencies such as enamel hypoplasia,
  • Teeth with position and alignment errors (malpositioned teeth),
  • Has a tooth that is worn or deformed and has had a large number of restorations,
  • It can be applied to people with gaps between their teeth to provide the targeted aesthetic correction.

After Emax empress dental veneers treatment, patients can have an aesthetic smile and a smooth and healthy tooth alignment. Emax empress dental veneers give the most natural and effective results on the front incisors where aesthetic concerns are at the forefront.

On the other hand, emax empress dental veneer treatment;

  • To the molars in the tooth alignment,
  • Teeth with metal pivots added by root canal treatment,
  • Cavities where teeth are missing,
  • It is not applicable to teeth with metal abutments on which dental implant treatment has been applied.

Emax & Empress Dental Crown Prices

As with all dental procedures, the prices for Emax and Empress dental crowns can vary based on several different factors. Fundamental factors that determine the cost include the current oral and dental health of the patient and the number of teeth to undergo Emax and Empress dental crown treatment.

Emax and Empress dental crown treatment can only be applied to patients with healthy teeth and gums. If any decay or issues requiring other dental treatments are identified in the tooth or teeth planned for the Emax and Empress dental crown treatment, the dentist will first address and treat the dental decay or other problems. Therefore, whether another dental treatment is required for the patient undergoing Emax and Empress dental crown treatment is one of the decisive factors influencing the prices.

In addition to these factors, the experience of the dentist performing the Emax and Empress dental crown treatment, the pricing policy of the clinic where the treatment is conducted, and the quality of materials and equipment used during the treatment also directly affect the prices of Emax and Empress dental crowns

Last Updated: Apr 1st, 2024
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Duration of Stay
7-10 days
Number of Visits
Treatment Duration
2-3 saat
Local Anesthesia
Recovery Time
Follow-up Visit
1 year
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Dr. Kardelen and her assistant were very friendly, calm and understanding. Thank you very much.

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The interest and relevance of our doctor Emre ÜNLÜ and Ms. Melis are amazing. My advice to those who are afraid, go to mosdent. Our doctor's hand is very light and at the same time relieves you of your fears like a psychologist.

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MR. Hakan and Ömer, we have known each other more than 25 years, they were my dentist when I was young and now they are my family’s dentist. While living in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Russia and now in America, anytime I needed , I took the first flight and visited them, they always found a time for us, took good care of us, did quick and perfect job, never needed to come back. Perfect customer service, great care and attention , full service , affordable prices and extremely qualified team. Recently another great service for my entire family. Always happy , and always recommending. Thank you MOS Dental team.

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Doctor Gözde and Mr. Emre are very comfortable, very professionals, especially Ms. Melis is very caring and very sincere like a family member ???

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As Baki Family, we would like to thank the Doctors and staff, especially Ms. Melis, who did not miss the interest and relevance of all the staff in your hospital throughout the treatment.

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