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Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to teeth and jaw bones.

While both dental and skeletal problems can be treated in individuals who continue to grow and develop, skeletal problems in adult individuals can be treated with orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgical procedures.

Why do orthodontic problems occur?

Environmental and hereditary factors or both may be effective in the occurrence of orthodontic problems. Genetic factors are generally effective in jaw stenosis, jaw bones being ahead or ahead of each other. Caries in deciduous teeth, early loss of deciduous teeth, finger sucking, long-term use of pacifiers and bottles, pen-biting, nail biting, lip and finger sucking, on the other hand, are environmental factors.

Why should I get orthodontic treatment?

Most of the patients who come to the clinic for orthodontic treatment are treated due to aesthetic concerns. However, with orthodontic treatment, gum and joint problems that may occur at the same time are prevented. The proper alignment of the teeth provides better brushing; The fact that the jaw bones are compatible with each other also helps protect the health of the jaw joint.

When should I get orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic examination should be done with the beginning of the mixed dentition period. (6-8 years old) The target in this period is to detect and prevent habits such as finger sucking, nail biting, mouth breathing that may cause orthodontic problems. Again, early orthodontic examination is of great importance for the diagnosis and treatment of incompatibilities between jaws. Solving dental problems with orthodontics is usually done during the permanent dentition period (10-12 years old).

What are the types of orthodontic treatments?

Habit-breaking appliances

They are movable or fixed orthodontic appliances that are made to prevent parafunctional habits such as finger sucking and swallowing disorders from creating orthodontic problems in the future.

Movable Apparatus

These are appliances that are made to provide sufficient space for permanent teeth in children who are thought to have a problem of crowding in the future or who have jaw stenosis. Generally, fixed orthodontic treatment (bracket treatment) is required after this treatment.

Functional Appliances

It is a treatment method for children whose growth development continues to make the lower and upper jaws compatible with each other.

Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

It is a treatment method performed by applying brackets in order to solve the dental and non-advanced level bite problems during the permanent dentition. There are 2 types of brackets as aesthetic and metal.

Lingual Treatment

It is a fixed treatment method applied by bonding the braces to the back surfaces of the teeth.

Invisible Aligners

With the developing technology, orthodontic treatment is possible with plaques that are no longer visible and can be attached and removed. With this treatment, aligners are produced in a laboratory environment by providing tooth movements in digital environment from the measurements taken from the patient and these aligners must be used continuously. (except for eating and drinking)

How long will my orthodontic treatment take?

Orthodontic treatments take 1.5 years on average; It may vary depending on many factors such as the severity of the patient's problem, age and compliance with treatment.

How often should I go to appointments for my orthodontic treatment?

With orthodontic treatment, appointments are usually made every 4-5 weeks. In some treatments (such as rapid upper jaw enlargement), the patient may need to be seen every 1-2 weeks.

Will my teeth deteriorate after orthodontic treatment?

With orthodontic treatment, teeth are moved within the jawbone. There are some changes in the jawbone to ensure the movement of the tooth. After the treatment, it takes about 1-2 years for the jawbone to recover. During this period, there is a risk that the teeth will return to their previous state and therefore reinforcement treatment should be performed. Reinforcement treatment is performed with a retainer wire attached to the back of the teeth or with transparent plaques used at certain times of the day.

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The interest and relevance of our doctor Emre ÜNLÜ and Ms. Melis are amazing. My advice to those who are afraid, go to mosdent. Our doctor's hand is very light and at the same time relieves you of your fears like a psychologist.

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MR. Hakan and Ömer, we have known each other more than 25 years, they were my dentist when I was young and now they are my family’s dentist. While living in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Russia and now in America, anytime I needed , I took the first flight and visited them, they always found a time for us, took good care of us, did quick and perfect job, never needed to come back. Perfect customer service, great care and attention , full service , affordable prices and extremely qualified team. Recently another great service for my entire family. Always happy , and always recommending. Thank you MOS Dental team.

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Doctor Gözde and Mr. Emre are very comfortable, very professionals, especially Ms. Melis is very caring and very sincere like a family member ???

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As Baki Family, we would like to thank the Doctors and staff, especially Ms. Melis, who did not miss the interest and relevance of all the staff in your hospital throughout the treatment.

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