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Hollywood Smile Istanbul Turkey

What is Hollywood Smile?

The appearance of the mouth area and the smile are very important in terms of the first impression that a person creates in daily life. For this reason, it plays an extremely important role both in human relations and in having an aesthetic appearance. Hollywood smile, also called smile design, is frequently preferred by women and men of different age groups who want to have a more aesthetic smile. The main purpose of the Hollywood smile procedure is to achieve a harmony between the teeth and gums that will provide an aesthetic appearance. 

It is a fact that having a more beautiful smile and a more aesthetic appearance positively affects one's self-confidence. In this context, Hollywood smile is a procedure that can be customized with plans suitable for the needs, expectations and other elements of each patient's face. Thanks to patient-specific planning, an aesthetically satisfying and natural appearance can be achieved. For this reason, Hollywood smile ranks first among the most applied aesthetic dentistry procedures, especially with its increasing popularity in recent years.

How is a Hollywood Smile Performed?

Before the Hollywood smile procedure is performed, the patient is examined, their needs are determined and their expectations are learned. It is evaluated whether the expectations are compatible with a natural and aesthetically satisfying appearance. After the analysis process, the treatments to be applied to achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance are determined specifically for the patient. 

If a tooth or gum problem is detected during the dental examination, the first step is to apply treatments to eliminate these problems. If the teeth and gums are healthy, intraoral measurements are taken and modeling is done. Using the patient's photographs and various computer programs, a planning is made in accordance with the face shape and it is determined which treatments will be applied. 

hollywood smile

After the treatments are completed, the appearance to be obtained is shared with the patient through temporary restorations and the patient's approval is obtained. If there are any changes that the patient wants and the dentist deems appropriate, these are realized and the treatment process is started with the patient's approval.

If the patient who will undergo the Hollywood smile procedure needs orthodontic treatment, this should be prioritized. If a level disorder is detected in the gums, these are eliminated. In patients with missing teeth, dental implants or other appropriate treatments are performed. After surgical procedures, teeth whitening treatment is applied after the healing processes are completed. Visual and stylistic defects in the teeth are eliminated. For this, procedures such as aesthetic composite filling, veneering, porcelain laminate and zirconium coating can be used.

The success of the Hollywood smile procedure is that the shape and contour of the lips are taken into consideration when planning dental and gum applications. In this way, it is possible to realize the most suitable design for each patient's face and get natural and aesthetically satisfying results.

Who Can Get a Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile can be performed on people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth due to various reasons and who want their teeth and smile to have a more aesthetic appearance. In this context, changes can be made in the color, shape and surface structure of the teeth, giving both teeth and gums a healthy and aesthetically better appearance.

Which Disorders Does Hollywood Smile Relieve?

The main ailments that can be eliminated with Hollywood smile application, which aims to improve the appearance of the person's teeth, can be listed as follows:

  • Hollywood smile applications can correct yellowed or stained teeth by whitening the color tone of the teeth.
  • If the teeth have irregular shapes or sizes, they can be corrected with Hollywood smile and a more symmetrical appearance can be achieved.
  • Hollywood smile can be applied to close the gaps (diastema) between the teeth.
  • Incompatibilities or irregular alignments between teeth can be corrected with Hollywood smile.
  • Fractures and cracks in the teeth can be repaired with Hollywood smile application.
  • Within the scope of the Hollywood smile procedure, teeth can be reshaped to correct the smile line and a more aesthetic smile can be achieved. 

What are Hollywood Smile Smile Design Procedures?

Hollywood smile smile design includes various dentistry procedures to achieve an aesthetic smile that the patient wants and is compatible with facial features. These procedures are customized depending on the person's current dental condition. In general, some common procedures used in Hollywood smile smile design can be listed as follows:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Laminated veneer
  • Tooth crown
  • Gum aesthetics
  • Filling
  • Tooth alignment
  • Dental implant

How Long Does Hollywood Smile Take?

How long it takes for Hollywood smile applications may vary for each patient depending on the current condition of the teeth, the desired results, the treatments to be applied and the patient's recovery rate. Since the total time needed for Hollywood smile application can vary depending on the patient's treatment needs and the treatment methods chosen, in some cases Hollywood smile application can be completed in a few days and in some cases in a few weeks.

What are the Advantages of Hollywood Smile?

Although oral and dental care is a routine that prevents problems such as toothache, bad breath and tooth loss for most people, the interest in smile design procedures that prioritize the gums as much as the teeth is increasing day by day. Men and women of different ages may be unhappy with their smiles due to tooth decay, crooked tooth alignment, dental impact diseases, tooth loss or tooth discoloration. If they have healthy teeth and gums, they may also experience problems such as tooth and gum disproportion or deformity. 

The Hollywood smile procedure, which comes into play at this stage, helps each individual to have more beautiful and healthy smiles. Thanks to the treatments planned and applied specifically for each patient, natural and aesthetically satisfying results can be achieved.

What Does Hollywood Smile Do?

Hollywood smile application offers the opportunity to have more aesthetically attractive smiles by improving the color, shape and arrangement of the teeth. The white, regular and attractive appearance of the teeth can become an element that increases the self-confidence of the person. Achieving aesthetically impressive results can also make a person feel more comfortable in social relationships. 

In addition, Hollywood smile application can help to reflect a more professional appearance in the business world or social circles by improving the overall image of the person. Thanks to Hollywood smile, which corrects discoloration and staining, cracks, fractures, gaps between teeth and other aesthetic problems, teeth look healthier.

How Should Dental Care Be After Hollywood Smile Procedure?

After Hollywood smile applications, oral and dental care routine should be performed correctly and regularly. However, it is important not to use toothpastes that have abrasive properties on the teeth and to change the wrong brushing habits. Failure to pay attention to these factors can lead to scratches on the surface of the teeth. As part of the oral and dental care routine, it is necessary to brush the teeth 2 to 3 times a day with non-abrasive fluoride toothpastes.

The use of dental floss should be included in the oral and dental care routine in order to maintain the effect of the treatments applied within the scope of Hollywood smile for a long time, to clean the plaque remaining on the teeth and to prevent tooth decay. Alcohol-free mouthwashes should be used to ensure oral hygiene, and foods and drinks with high sugar content should not be consumed. Also, care should be taken not to bite and chew hard objects.

hollywood smile fiyatları

What are the Types of Hollywood Smile?

The term Hollywood smile generally refers to aesthetic dentistry practices and aims to aesthetically improve a person's smile. The types of Hollywood smile may vary depending on the preferences, tooth structure and aesthetic goals of the person.

  • With teeth whitening procedures, teeth are lightened and a whiter appearance is achieved. - This means removing stains and increasing the natural whiteness of the teeth.
  • Laminated veneer applications are realized by bonding thin porcelain or zirconium veneers to the front surface of the teeth. It is used to correct the shape, size and color of the teeth.
  • Dental veneers can be used for teeth that are damaged, decayed or need aesthetic correction. These veneers provide an aesthetic appearance by covering the entire tooth.
  • Orthodontic treatments can be applied to correct the irregular alignment of the teeth.
  • Full smile design involves combining a range of cosmetic dental treatments to improve the overall appearance of the teeth. Teeth whitening, laminated veneer applications, dental veneers and other procedures can be evaluated in this context.
  • Lip fillers or lip aesthetics to improve the harmony between lips and teeth can also be part of the Hollywood smile.
  • In some cases, dentists can perform aesthetic improvements using minimally invasive techniques. This provides aesthetic enhancements without damaging the teeth and, where possible, preserving the natural tooth structure.

Hollywood Smile Prices

Hollywood smile prices may vary depending on the treatments to be applied on a patient-specific basis. The expertise and experience of the dentist, the materials and technologies used in the treatments, and the scope of the treatments applied are directly effective factors on Hollywood smile prices.

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