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What is a Periodontal Flap Operation?

The advanced degree of gum disorders endangers not only the gums, but also the teeth. If periodontal diseases progress, the bone tissue and ligaments surrounding the teeth begin to be damaged. As a result, tooth loss may even occur. If this condition cannot be controlled with non-surgical periodontal treatments, it is necessary to resort to periodontal surgical procedures. The most commonly used periodontal surgical procedure is the periodontal flap operation.

Periodontal flap operation is a gum surgery performed in order to correct the pockets formed on the gums and ensure that the gums regain their old and healthy form. The gum pockets located under the gum line are the points where the gum tissue begins to separate from the tooth. The formation of gum pockets creates an area where harmful bacteria will grow and it is impossible to clean. The resulting bacteria can cause inflammation in the tissues, bleeding in the gums, tenderness and pain. If this problem is not treated, serious gum diseases, damage to the bone tissue that supports the tooth, and systematic health problems that can cause the entire body to be affected may come to the agenda.

For the treatment of gum pockets, first of all, dental calculus cleaning and root correction methods can be resorted to. These methods may not work from time to time, depending on the degree of the disease. In such cases, the flap operation may be on the agenda. Although the flap operation basically does not offer a permanent solution for periodontal diseases, it facilitates the maintenance of gum health.

periodontal flap cerrahisi

What Is the Periodontal Flap Operation Performed For?

The main purpose of the periodontal flap operation is to destroy or reduce the gum pockets as much as possible. An incision is made into the gum tissue in order to reach the pockets. Diseased tissues are removed through the incision and the tooth roots are exposed in order to perform a thorough cleaning. The formation of unwanted layers of tartar, plaque and the like is cleaned and the incision is closed.

A periodontal flap operation can be performed to restore periodontal ligaments and bone tissue that have been lost due to inflammation. In this context, different techniques such as bone grafting or chemicals that cause growth can be applied. For such procedures, a patient-specific suitability assessment is performed. These approaches allow the gums to return to their normal form and function, creating healthier and safer dental protection.

How is the Periodontal Flap Operation Performed?

Although the periodontal flap operation is usually performed under local anesthesia, Oct may be given an anti-anxiety medication or a relaxing syrup orally in addition to local anesthesia if needed specifically for the patient. In addition, general anesthesia may also become an alternative if necessary. After the anesthesia takes effect, a small incision is made and the gum is separated from the tooth. The outer gum tissue is gently pushed back to provide access to the patient's tooth root, connective tissues and bone tissue.

The next stage of the periodontal flap operation is to clean the inflamed gum tissue. Diseased gum tissue is removed and the tooth root is cleaned. It is possible to apply antibiotic treatment to the area if deemed necessary. In cases where there is damage to the bone, graft material is used and the removal of the damage is studied. After the necessary treatments, the incision is closed and the periodontal flap operation is completed.

Stages of Periodontal Flap Treatment

Periodontal flap treatment is usually completed with 6 stages. It is possible to list the stages of periodontal flap treatment as follows:

  • Periodontal flap treatment, that is, before the surgical procedure is performed, the area to be operated on is cleaned using antiseptic products.
  • Incisions are made, two vertical and two horizontal, on the edges of the gum area targeted for treatment. Then, the process of cleaning the granulations in the bone pocket is performed.
  • The tartar accumulated in the root of the tooth is removed and the root of the tooth is brought to its original shape and polished.
  • In cases where any damage to bone tissue is detected during periodontal flap treatment, transplant materials can be used to restore it.
  • The wound surface is washed using antiseptic solutions. The gums are sutured, periodontal bandage is applied and the operation is terminated.
  • The stitches placed on the incisions are usually removed 10 days after the operation.

Things to Be Considered After Periodontal Flap Surgery

The period before and after the operation is of critical importance for optimal benefit from periodontal flap surgery. For this reason, care should be paid to the operation process as well as to the period before and after. Before and after periodontal flap surgery, it is important to fully comply with the points specified by the dentist in order to have a fast and healthy recovery process. Patients who follow the recommendations of the dentist can experience a comfortable recovery process after periodontal flap surgery and minimize the feeling of pain and discomfort.

Flap operation usually does not cause any noticeable side effects. However, as with all surgical procedures, periodontal flap surgery also has some risks. One of the things that should be done to minimize such risks is not to smoke after the operation. Smoking is the most important factor that triggers the re-occurrence of the disease treated by the periodontal flap operation.

After the periodontal flap operation, a cold compress should be applied to the wound surface for 20 minutes. It is necessary not to rinse the mouth and not to spit for the first 8 hours following the surgery. Gargling gently with salt water for a while may be recommended by the dentist. There should be no shower and bath with hot water for three days, intense physical exertion should not be spent.

In addition, it is important not to include solid foods in the nutrition program, and not to consume hot foods and drinks for a certain period of time. After periodontal flap surgery, attention should be paid to oral hygiene, and the oral and dental care routine should not be disrupted. But in this process, you should be gentle, the teeth should be brushed with a soft bristled toothbrush without damaging the gums in any way. In order to experience a fast and healthy healing process, it should be used regularly with all the medications prescribed by the dentist, routine dental examinations should not be neglected.

If general anesthesia is to be performed before the periodontal flap operation, food and beverage consumption should be stopped at least 12 hours before the operation. Thus, nausea and dizziness can be prevented after the anesthesia effect has passed. During the few days after the periodontal flap operation, swelling, slight redness and tenderness of the gums may be observed. As this is a normal situation, the use of simple painkillers prescribed by the dentist can help improve the patient's comfort.

Sensitivity to heat and cold may develop in the teeth on which the procedure is performed. The side effects that may occur after flap surgery usually disappear on their own within 1 to 2 weeks after the operation. Who performs the operation without delay in case of unexpected redness, bleeding, severe pain is felt. It is necessary to consult a dentist.

The recovery process after periodontal flap surgery may vary depending on various factors in the individual patient. However, although periodontal flap surgery is a simple and short-term procedure, it is a surgical procedure and patients should rest for at least 1 day after the operation.

periodontal flap cerrahisi istanbul

Periodontal Flap Operation Prices

Periodontal flap operation prices may vary for each patient depending on the number of teeth to be applied, how advanced the inflammation is, and the structure of the teeth and gums. For this reason, it is not possible to mention the price of a standard periodontal flap operation. After the patient is examined in detail by the dentist and their needs and the details of the procedure are planned, the prices of the periodontal flap operation are determined.

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2-5 days
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