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What is the Treatment for Jaw Joint?

Disorders caused by the jaw joint may occur as a result of a sudden deterioration of the harmony of the surrounding tissues with the joint area connecting the upper jaw and lower jaw, or over time. Jaw joint disorders can progress as long as they are not treated. Depending on this, problems such as locking of the jaw, pain, restriction of mouth opening, head and neck pains may occur.

Diseases such as jaw shift, jaw dislocation and jaw joint disease are disorders that occur in the jaw joint. Diseases of the jaw joint are called TMJ, that is, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. Basically, they are disorders that occur as a result of intra- or extra-articular pathology in joint functions.

Located just in front of the external auditory meatus, where the lower and upper jaw meet, TMJ is an extremely playful joint located between the temporal Decussation under the temporal bone and the temporal bone lump. Disorders that occur in the jaw joint affect the system consisting of teeth, lips, salivary glands, head and neck muscles and lig Novices.

How is Jaw Joint Treatment Performed?

In order to start the treatment of the jaw joint, it is first necessary to correctly diagnose the disease. In order to diagnose jaw joint disorders, the closing system of the mouth, teeth and jaw joint are examined in detail. In addition, the characteristics of the chewing muscles are evaluated. Nov. After these researches are carried out in detail, patient-specific treatment planning is made. If deemed necessary, MRI examination and intra-articular imaging methods are applied.

Jaw joint treatment is performed according to the diagnosis made after clinical and radiological examinations performed by the maxillofacial surgeon on a patient-specific basis. As a result of the diagnosis, movement restriction, diet, exercise, medication or surgical treatment procedures may be applied.

The primary goal of jaw joint treatment is to identify and eliminate the cause that leads to jaw joint discomfort. In cases where a single form of treatment is not sufficient, multidisciplinary studies may be applied. According to the diagnosis, medical or surgical treatments may be on the agenda.

Çene eklemi tedavisi
cene eklemi tedavisi

Medication Treatment

Drug therapy is often preferred in the treatment process of jaw joint diseases. Painkillers and November muscle relaxants can optimize the patient's overall comfort. These medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly for a certain period of time. In this way, the patient's muscles relax, November's pain eases and the overall quality of life increases.

Physical Therapy

One of the most important methods in the treatment of jaw joint diseases is physical therapy. Electric currents, superficial and deep tissue heaters are used. In this way, it is possible to reduce November November muscle aches, relieve November December muscle spasms, stretch shortened tissues and muscles. Thanks to the relief of general pain and discomfort, the jaw joint can be restored to its normal function.

Cold Treatment

Cold therapy is usually one of the most effective methods for the treatment of jaw joint diseases after trauma or surgery. It may be possible to reduce swelling and pain in the jaw area with cold treatment. In this way, a rapid healing process can be encouraged.

Injection Into The Joint

In some cases, it may be necessary to inject into the joint in order to treat jaw joint diseases. In such cases, it may be the case of injecting painkillers directly into the joint, or injecting substances that will increase joint lubricity if joint irregularity has increased.

Splint Treatment

Another of the most preferred methods in the treatment of jaw joint is splint treatment. In patients where the disc is displaced, the disc is inserted into the mouth in order to bring the disc to a normal position. It is also possible to apply splint therapy to relax November muscles, correct closing disorders and minimize functional disorders in cases of grinding teeth.


Within the scope of the manipulation method, the jaw joint is manually moved to the normal position. In cases where the mouth opening is restricted, this method can be used to provide normal range of motion. Manipulation is one of the effective methods that can be preferred for the treatment of jaw joint diseases.

How Long Does Jaw Joint Treatment Take?

How long the jaw joint treatment will take may vary depending on the type, degree and preferred treatment method of the problem to be treated on a patient-specific basis. In general, it can be said that the treatment of the jaw joint can last between 3 months and 1 year. Dec. How long the jaw joint treatment will take can be determined by performing a patient-specific examination, diagnosing the problem, and planning treatment. In addition, it may vary depending on how long the patient follows the dentist's recommendations and how he responds to the applied treatment.

Who is the Jaw Joint Treatment Applied to?

Jaw joint treatment can mainly be applied to people who complain of jaw joint disorders. In this way, the symptoms caused by jaw joint diseases can be alleviated and the patient's quality of life can be optimized. In order to get the optimal benefit from jaw joint treatment, dentists who are specialists and experienced in their field should be consulted.

Advantages of Jaw Joint Treatment

  • Jaw joint treatment can provide relief of ailments such as jaw pain, headache, ear pain and neck pain. With the right planned and applied jaw joint treatment, it may be possible to reduce or completely eliminate these pains.
  • There is a risk that jaw joint problems may affect chewing function. Jaw joint treatment restores chewing functions and allows food to be chewed more easily.
  • It supports the teeth to last longer by reducing the wear that occurs on the teeth due to jaw joint problems.
  • It can eliminate the asymmetry caused by the percentage of jaw joint problems.
  • It can improve sleep quality by reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea caused by jaw joint problems.
  • Through the elimination of jaw joint problems, the overall health condition is also optimized.
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Things to Be Considered After Jaw Joint Treatment

After the jaw joint treatment, there are some important points that should be taken into account to experience a faster recovery process and to prevent recurrent problems. At the beginning of these comes nutrition. After the jaw joint treatment, patients should include soft and easy-to-chew foods in the nutrition program. Care should be taken not to consume hard foods and large bites. For this, it is important to break food into small pieces, chew it slowly and thoroughly. In addition, care should be taken to stay away from acidic and spicy foods and drinks, consume plenty of water.

Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothbrush, flossing regularly. Routine dental check-ups should also not be disrupted. The jaw exercises given by the dentist should be performed regularly. However, exercises should not be performed more than necessary and a break should be taken if pain is felt Decently.

In addition, for the protection of joint health, care should be taken not to chew gum, not to eat nails, to use plaque at night if there are problems with clenching or grinding teeth during sleep. Another important issue is to stay away from stress and learn stress management techniques.

It is important for patients to fully comply with the dentist's recommendations both during and after jaw treatment, in order to experience a fast and healthy recovery process. In addition, thanks to this, it is possible to prevent the recurrence of jaw joint disorders.

Prices for Jaw Joint Treatment

Jaw joint disorders are often seen in men and women of different age groups. Prices for jaw joint treatment, like all other dental procedures, may vary depending on certain factors.

Prices for jaw joint treatment may vary depending on the type of patient-specific treatment, the quality of equipment used during treatment, the experience of the dentist performing the treatment, and the pricing policy of the clinic where the treatment is performed.

Last Updated: May 7th, 2024
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As Baki Family, we would like to thank the Doctors and staff, especially Ms. Melis, who did not miss the interest and relevance of all the staff in your hospital throughout the treatment.

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