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What is a Jaw Correction?

It is very important for health that the upper and lower jaw offer a harmonious functionality. Orthognathic surgical procedures can be performed to treat disorders between the lower and upper jaw in order to have a Decently chewing, biting, breathing, swallowing and sleeping experience.

Surgical or non-surgical interventions performed to correct deformities in the jaw structure are included in the scope of jaw correction. Jaw correction procedures are generally performed to correct the anomalies in the patient's jaw, to balance the jaw line and to eliminate the dysfunctions in the jaw. In this way, it may be possible to correct problems related to the size, position or angles of the jaw. At the same time, a better appearance can be achieved aesthetically.

How is Jaw Correction Performed?

Surgery to advance and regress the lower and upper jaw bones with interventions to be performed on the lower and upper jaw bones in order to have a healthy mouth structure and biting function is called orthognathic surgery. Before and after the jaw correction surgery, the positions of the teeth are shaped separately with the support of the orthodontics department, and the treatment process is completed.

The patient is prepared by orthodontists. After the joint evaluation process, it is decided how many mm the jaws will be moved, whether only one upper jaw or one lower jaw will be intervened in the operation, or both jaws at once.

Radiographs and tomographs of the patient are taken before the jaw correction surgery. The operation is planned and the patient is photographed. The patient should quit smoking before surgery due to the risk of negatively affecting wound healing. In addition, heavy diet regimens should be avoided before surgery. Preoperative tests and anesthesia consultation are performed. In this way, the possible risks are evaluated before the operation. If necessary, it may be necessary to prepare blood for use in the operation.

The patient is taken to the surgery with a 6-hour hunger and the jaw correction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made through the mouth or through the skin. In this way, the lower jaw bone (mandible) and/or the upper jaw bone (maxilla) are reached. After cutting the bones from a suitable place, titanium plates or dissolvable plates are used to identify the bones.

After the bone detection procedure, stitches are made to the intraoral and skin incisions. A drain is placed to absorb the liquid that will accumulate in the area. It is possible that the materials used to fix the bones can remain for life or be removed at will after a few years.

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Who is the Jaw Correction Applied To?

The cases in which jaw correction surgery or jaw disorder surgery can be performed are listed below:

  • Having a disfigurement of the person's lower and upper jaw or both jaws
  • The presence of asymmetry on the face
  • The tooth disorder is too severe to be corrected with braces only

Jaw disorders are usually caused by genetics. People with a jaw structure disorder usually have the same disorder in their mother, father, or very close relatives. In addition, jaw and facial injuries and accidents October passed at a young age can also cause jaw disorders. Some diseases that prevent breathing through the nose in children may cause jaw structure disorders at the end of the growth process.

The teeth are located on the jaw bones, and it is not enough to have only smooth teeth, an aesthetic appearance and correct functions. In other words, both the jaw structure and the teeth should be in the correct position. Accordingly, correcting only the teeth of people with jaw disorders does not ensure achieving the desired result.

Jaw disorders can cause both tooth and jaw functions to be performed correctly and smile aesthetics to be inaccessible. People with jaw structure disorders, on the one hand, may not be able to fully perform basic functions such as chewing and speech, on the other hand, while experiencing aesthetic disorders. In addition, jaw joint disorders, easy tooth decay, chronic dental traumas and tooth loss may occur due to a jaw disorder.

Advantages of Jaw Correction Treatment

Jaw correction treatment not only provides an aesthetic correction, but also does not provide functional benefits. Thanks to the movement of the jaws and teeth to the correct position, positive results can be achieved aesthetically and functionally.

Thanks to the jaw correction treatment, it is ensured that the facial features become more harmonious and balanced. As a result, a more aesthetically attractive and satisfying appearance can be accessed.

Jaw correction treatment, which allows the teeth and jaw to be straightened, helps to achieve a more natural and beautiful smile. As a result, a person's self-confidence and social life can be positively affected. Depending on the correction of the jaw, the patient's lips gain a fuller and more pronounced appearance.

Thanks to the correct position of the teeth, it is possible to chew food better. This also brings with it the advantage that the digestive system works more healthily. Correction of the jaw and teeth can also help to eliminate some speech disorders. Temporomandibular joint disorders are a disorder that occurs in the jaw joint, and it may be possible to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of this disorder with jaw correction treatment. Jaw correction therapy can also help treat some cases of sleep apnea.

What are the Risks of Jaw Correction Treatment?

Jaw correction treatment brings with it many benefits if it is planned specifically for the patient by specialists and experienced dentists in the field and applied with the right techniques. Jaw correction surgery is a surgical procedure performed to bring the jaws and teeth into the correct position.

Jaw correction surgery, like any surgical procedure, brings with it the risk of anesthesia. After surgery, there is usually a slight bleeding that passes on its own at a slight level and within a short period of time. In order to minimize the risk of developing a possible infection, antibiotics should be used and proper wound care should be applied. There is a risk of facial scarring after surgery. However, it is out of the question that these scars become pale and lose their distinctiveness over time.

There is a risk of nerve damage during jaw correction treatment. This may lead to permanent drowsiness in some cases, temporary in some cases. Although it is possible to feel sensitivity in the teeth after surgery, this condition usually resolves on its own within a few weeks. There may be gum irritation after surgery. If the necessary attention is not paid to oral hygiene, gum diseases may occur due to irritation.

In some cases, a melt in the jawbone may occur after jaw correction treatment. There may also be problems with opening the mouth. Such problems, which are temporary, can usually be resolved with physical therapy.

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Things to Be Considered Before Jaw Correction

The patient's dental position, speech, breathing and chewing functions are evaluated. If there are buried 20-year-old teeth, they are removed at least 6 months before the operation. Orthodontic wire treatment is applied to prepare the position of the teeth for surgery.

Things to Be Considered After Jaw Correction

Soft and easily chewable foods should be consumed at an early stage after the operation, and ice compresses should be applied to reduce swelling and pain. During this process, you should avoid heavy exercises and activities, lie on your back for the first few weeks. In addition, attention should be paid to oral hygiene.

Jaw Correction Treatment Prices

Jaw correction treatment prices may vary for each patient depending on the treatment to be applied, the scope of treatment, the dentist's experience and the clinic's pricing policy.

Last Updated: May 7th, 2024
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