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Micro Endodontics

micro endodontics istanbul turkey
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What is Micro Endodontics?

Infection and/or necrosis of the living tissue inside the tooth requires root canal treatment. The tissues that keep the tooth in the mouth are actually healthy gum and jawbone tissues, not the vascular and nerve bundle inside the tooth. Therefore, with a successful root canal treatment, it may be possible to keep the tooth in the mouth for many years. On the other hand, the critical role of endodontic preventive dentistry should not be overlooked, both in terms of treating infection and preventing other treatment needs that may arise due to extraction.

Micro endodontics, also known as microscopic endodontics, is an advanced and modern method of root canal treatment using a microscope. Micro endodontics is related to endodontics, a specialized branch of dentistry. Endodontics is a branch that treats the pulp, the soft tissue inside the teeth, and the roots of the teeth. Micro-endodontics is a method that allows these treatment methods to be applied in a more precise and detailed way.

Microendodontics refers to an approach that involves the use of a microscope. During endodontic procedures, microscopes are used to better visualize and treat the small canals inside the teeth. This method gives dentists a better view and allows procedures to be performed more precisely.

Microendodontics involves performing endodontic procedures such as pulp treatment, root canal treatment, apical resection under a microscope. In this way, more successful results are achieved and patient comfort is increased. Microendodontics is considered a significant advancement towards improving the quality of endodontic treatments with the use of technological advances in dentistry.

how is micro endodontics applied

How is Micro Endodontics Applied?

Microendodontics is a sub-branch of endodontics that enables treatments performed on the internal structure of the teeth to be performed more precisely and effectively, supported by microscopic imaging and specialized equipment. This innovative approach provides dentists with a clearer view and improves the treatment process. Thus, it may be possible to increase patient comfort and treatment success.

Microendodontics is performed in a similar way to traditional endodontic procedures. However, it is performed in a more detailed and precise manner with the use of microscopic imaging and specialized instruments. Microendodontic treatment begins with a patient examination and digital imaging techniques. The dentist diagnoses the problem by examining the internal structure of the tooth in detail.

Before the procedure begins, the dentist will administer an appropriate local anesthetic for the patient. A rubber palate is then placed around the tooth to keep the procedure area dry and provide a suitable environment for microendodontics.

Any decayed or damaged tissue on the tooth is removed. The dentist accesses the internal structure of the tooth using the microendodontic microscope. Then, the process of removing infected or damaged tissues in the pulp area begins.

Under the microendodontic microscope, the root canals are carefully enlarged and shaped. The next step is to fill the canals with special endodontic filling materials. An impermeable barrier is created to prevent leakage. Once root canal treatment is complete, an appropriate filling or crown is placed to restore the tooth's structure. Thus, the function and aesthetics of the tooth can be restored.

Is Microendodontics Treatment Painless?

Root canal treatment can be defined as the process of removing, cleaning and refilling the damaged tissues inside the tooth layer. The pulp layer can be damaged by tooth decay. Although there is nothing visible in painful teeth, if there is a lesion at the root tip, root canal treatment is required. A good root canal treatment is very important for maintaining dental health.

MMicroendodontic treatment, like other endodontic procedures, is usually associated with minimal pain or discomfort. However, each patient is different and experiences may vary due to the complexity of the treatment, the patient's pain threshold and other factors.

Microendodontics is performed more precisely under a microscope. This also allows dentists to carry out treatment processes more accurately. Thus, less tissue is damaged during the procedure and a more effective treatment can be performed. Furthermore, microendodontic techniques and modern anesthesia methods are designed to ensure that patients have a comfortable and pain-free experience during the procedure.

Before microendodontics, the dentist explains in detail to the patient what steps will be followed and what measures will be taken to minimize any pain. Also, if the patient feels any discomfort during the procedure, they should inform the dentist. In this way, necessary precautions can be taken.

mikro endodonti

Root Canal Treatment Under the Microscope

Root canal treatment under the microscope provides more successful results than the classical root canal treatment method. Because the roots and pulp base, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, can be easily seen thanks to the microscopic endodontic method. By utilizing the magnification feature of the microscope, root canals are filled better and more effective treatments can be performed.

There are many cases where root canal treatment is very difficult to perform due to complex tooth anatomy. Microscopes are extremely useful tools in endodontic procedures. Micro endodontics offers many benefits in dentistry procedures in this field, such as greater accuracy, better visualization, treatment of complex cases, better diagnosis and many more. It is also considered an excellent treatment option for teeth that have previously failed root canal treatments for various reasons.

Severe tooth decay or other trauma creates open doors for bacteria to reach the interior of the tooth. When the nerves and blood vessels in the tooth are damaged by bacterial contamination, in most cases the tooth becomes painful. The aim of root canal procedures (endodontic treatments) is to save the painful tooth by removing the pulp tissue, which consists of nerves and blood vessels, from the canals inside the tooth. The canals are then cleaned, shaped and filled with a special material. The tooth is usually restored with a crown. In some cases, surgical removal of the root tip is required.

As in most teeth, a canal containing nerves and blood vessels runs from the center of the crown of the tooth through the root and into the jaw. Near the tip of the root, it divides into many smaller canals. These small branches of the canal must be completely cleaned and sealed to stop pain and ensure an effective and long-lasting result. These small canals are much easier to see under a microscope.

What are the Advantages of Using a Microscope?

  • Root canal treatment is the process of cleaning and filling the infected or damaged tissues and nerves inside the teeth. This treatment saves the tooth and prevents pain and tooth loss. In traditional root canal treatments, dentists usually only work with the naked eye or x-ray images. The use of microscopes, which has come to the fore in recent years, has made a significant progress in the field of root canal treatment.
  • Root canal treatment under a microscope provides the dentist with a much more detailed view. Small root canals and anatomical structures that cannot be seen in traditional methods can be seen clearly under the microscope. This allows the dentist to work more accurately and effectively during treatment.
  • Root canal treatment under a microscope makes the procedure more precise. The microscope allows the dentist to gain better access to the root canals and remove infected tissues more effectively. This increases the success of the treatment and reduces the risk of complications.
  • The use of a microscope makes it possible to apply microsurgical techniques. This contributes to the surgical removal of infected tissues at the root tip and to the reconstruction of the root tip. At the same time, the success of the treatment is increased and patient comfort is optimized.
  • Root canal treatment performed under a microscope results in less tissue damage. When traditional methods are used, a larger area may be affected in order for the dentist to clean the infected tissues. However, under the microscope, it is possible to work in a less invasive way by directly targeting the infected tissues.
  • Root canal treatment under the microscope usually has a higher success rate. More detailed imaging, a more precise procedure and the possibility of microsurgery are considered to be the elements that enable the treatment to be performed more effectively. As a result, both the success of the treatment and the patient satisfaction rate can be increased.

In conclusion, the use of a microscope is a very important advance in the field of root canal treatment. With its advantages such as more detailed imaging, precise processing, microsurgery and high success rate, root canal treatment under the microscope raises the standards in dentistry.

Last Updated: Jun 16th, 2024
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