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pembe diş estetiği
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What is the Pink Aesthetic?

Although having white and straight teeth are the most important elements of an attractive smile, the fact that Decapitations and lips are part of this look should not be overlooked. The most noticeable part of the face during talking and smiling are the teeth. The fact that the teeth are well-groomed, rotten, colored and/or stained may cause aesthetic concerns and lack of self-confidence. However, dental restoration is not always enough to achieve a more aesthetic appearance during talking and laughing. Because the appearance of the gums is also extremely important. For this reason, in some patients, it may be necessary to eliminate gum irregularities in order to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. Pink dental aesthetics comes into play at this stage.

Pink aesthetics or pink dental aesthetics is an aesthetic dentistry procedure performed in order to have gums that are both healthy and compatible with the teeth, thereby giving an aesthetic smile. When defining dental aesthetics, elements such as the health of the gums, their color and their level with the teeth are taken into account.

Healthy gums have a light pink color. It should look lumpy and shiny, like orange peel, and the gums should be firmly attached to the bone and tooth. The procedures to be performed within the scope of pink aesthetics are determined according to the specific needs of the patient. In this way, the opportunity to achieve a perfect smile is offered.

pembe diş estetiği

How is Pink Aesthetics Done?

Pink aesthetics is applied to ensure that the imaginary line passing through the gums at the peaks of the two teeth positioned in the front and middle gently touches the lip during a smile. The purpose of the pink dental aesthetics procedure is to ensure that the teeth and gums are in a certain shape.

In some cases, the problem may be not only in the gums, but also in the arrangement of the teeth. In such patients, it is first the correction of the gums, then the completion of the tooth alignment. Gingivoplasty or gum aesthetics procedure is planned by taking into account the structure of the patient's gums after a patient-specific examination.

Within the scope of pink tooth aesthetics, different methods such as regenerative, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy and crown length extension can be applied. Pink aesthetics, which is one of the minor surgical procedures, is performed under local anesthesia. Dec. In this way, the patient does not feel pain or pain.

What Are the Aesthetic Advantages of Pink?

As part of the pink aesthetic procedure, gums that overflow too much towards the teeth are shortened, or they can be made effective in cases where they are too far from the gums on the teeth.

Thanks to the pink aesthetic, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of tooth loss. The tooth lengths are made regular. Bringing the gums and tooth length to the ideal size can provide a more aesthetic appearance. In addition, the prevention of Decongestations of gingivitis can be listed among the advantages of pink aesthetics.

What are the Types of Pink Aesthetics?

Within the scope of pink aesthetics, different techniques are used for different problems. The techniques applied within the scope of pink aesthetics can be listed as follows:

  • In the regenerative method, the destroyed tissues in the teeth are removed and new support structures are created with the help of bone graft.
  • Gingivectomy is one of the most applied gum aesthetics methods. It is applied for gum growth and removal of excess gums in areas where deep pockets are formed. The gum contours are corrected and an aesthetic appearance is provided to the gums.
  • Gingivoplasty may be preferred for the correction of excessive visible gum or asymmetric gum levels.
  • The crown length extension procedure is performed by removing excess gum tissue to eliminate tissue loss in the teeth.

In Which Cases Is Pink Aesthetic Treatment Performed?

In order for the smile design to provide a harmonious appearance, the teeth, gums, lips and jaw should be considered as a whole. Each of these elements should be evaluated with their current appearance and it should be aimed to achieve an aesthetic appearance by combining them Decently. For this reason, pink dental aesthetics plays at least as critical a role as dental aesthetics in the smile design process. Since the unhealthy appearance of the gums can cause the teeth to look far from aesthetics, it is necessary to resort to the necessary treatment methods.

The teeth of each individual have certain forms. There are some shapes associated with the gum at the points where the gums and teeth meet. The peculiarity of these shapes is that the teeth form the bottom lines. Asymmetry in the lines in question, misalignment, collapsed or worn image may cause an aesthetically bad appearance.

However, the aesthetic intervention performed has nothing to do with teeth. By applying pink aesthetics to the gums, problems that distort the appearance can be eliminated, and a significant improvement in the appearance of the gums can be achieved.

Some cases that require the application of pink aesthetics are listed below:

  • The fact that the gum looks noticeably too much (Gummy Smile)
  • Having color changes due to purple or dark red pigmentations on the front gums
  • The level of the gum is incompatible with the teeth and lips
  • The aesthetic appearance is not good
  • Exposure of the tooth roots due to gum retraction
  • Formation of growths and irregularities in the gums due to orthodontic treatment

How Long is the Recovery Time for Pink Aesthetic Treatment?

The recovery time in the treatment of pink aesthetics may vary depending on the procedure performed on each patient. However, after pink aesthetic treatment, recovery usually occurs within 7 to 10 days. In order to experience a fast and healthy healing process, the dentist's recommendations should be fully followed.

What Should Be Considered After Pink Aesthetic Treatment?

After the pink aesthetic treatment applied to improve the appearance and function of the gums, there are some points that need to be considered in order to speed up the healing process and provide optimal benefit from the procedure.

After pink aesthetic treatment, teeth should be brushed regularly and flossing should be used to prevent the occurrence of gingivitis and support the healing process. In this process, a soft bristle toothbrush recommended by the dentist and fluoride toothpaste should be preferred. Teeth should be gently brushed at least twice a day, flossing should be used at least once a day to remove plaque and bacteria between the teeth that cannot be reached with a toothbrush. Decongestant teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day. The use of antiseptic mouthwash in this process may be recommended by the dentist.

In order not to put excessive pressure on the gums, it should be preferred to consume soft and nutritious foods. Acidic and spicy foods should be avoided due to the risk of irritating the gums and delaying the healing process. In addition, plenty of water should be consumed.

Smoking should be stopped, as it can trigger Decongestion and other gum diseases. In the same way, alcohol consumption should be limited or completely stopped to prevent irritation of the gums. In addition, the medications prescribed by the dentist should be used regularly. October 19, 2019. Routine dental check-ups should not be disrupted in terms of monitoring the healing process.

pembe diş estetiği istanbul

Pink Aesthetic Treatment Prices

Pink aesthetic treatment prices may vary depending on the scope of the procedure performed on a patient-specific basis, the materials used, the dentist's expertise and the pricing policy of the clinic where pink aesthetic treatment will be applied. In addition, the number of procedures to be performed and how complex they are are also elements that are evaluated when determining the prices of pink aesthetic treatment. For this reason, after the patient has been examined by the dentist and the scope of treatment has been planned, it is possible to have accurate and accurate information about the prices of pink aesthetic treatment.

Last Updated: May 7th, 2024
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