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DDS, PhD Ece Türkay

TDB No: 32575
DDS (Marmara University, 2012)
MDS in Pediatric Dentistry (Marmara University, 2021)
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Dr. Ece Türkay, DDS, brings her expertise and passion to the field of dentistry. She was born in Istanbul in 1989, and her educational journey took her to Istanbul Dede Korkut Anatolian High School for her high school education. Dr. Türkay's dedication to dentistry led her to graduate from Istanbul Medipol University in 2017.

In the same year, she embarked on her doctoral program at the university, specializing in prosthetic dental treatment. Beyond her doctoral studies, Dr. Türkay contributes to the field of dentistry as a lecturer at Üsküdar University Health Services Vocational School, where she imparts her knowledge to dental technicians and oral and dental health students.

Dr. Türkay's expertise extends to the temporomandibular joint and bruxism branches, particularly in the field of prosthetic dental treatment. She's passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and remains dedicated to smile design and digital restorations.

Outside the dental realm, Dr. Türkay's interests include photography, football, basketball, and exploring the historical sites of Istanbul. As a well-rounded individual, she also enjoys boutique pastry training as a hobby and actively participates in various personal development courses. Her zest for life and curiosity take her on adventures through travel. Dr. Türkay is proficient in advanced English, and she's at a beginner level in German and Spanish.

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